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Cabinet Glass

Please browse our on line examples of our cabinet glass. Please consider

that the glass may look differently in person and the examples are meant to

inspire your imagination for your unique taste.


We invite you to come into the Studio to see the glass in person to make

your final decision. 


Things to consider: 


  • What will be behind it, how much do you want to see? All the examples on our website are clear textured glass.

  • They have NO color, any color you see is from the background.



Panel Cut-Outs:  $15.00 per door / $20.00 per door arched

Glass: minimum: $10.00 per panel

Cutting Charge: 25% of glass cost

Install: $10.00 per door

Rounded corners: $10 per panel



Interested in working with us on a cabinet glass project? Stop by or call the shop at 701-837-8555 to discuss our process! 


Cabinet Glass Sample Gallery

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