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Canfield Blu-Glass Flux

Canfield Blu-Glass Flux


Non-Acid 8 OZ. BOTTLESOLDER FLUX It is non-acid. All purpose, safe, low fume, non-corrosive ideal for artisans with sensitivities. 


An all-purpose SUPER SAFE flux with low fumes. It is ideal for artisans with sensitivities and allergic reactions to other fluxes. Blu-Glass promotes excellent solderability on copper foil and is easily washed off with water. Excellent for use on all Canfield’s tin/lead solder as well as our lead-free alloys. Blu-Glass Flux is less active than our Solder-Mate® Eleven. 

Precautions should be taken when working with all chemical products.

Please consult SDS prior to using for safety precautions.


Product Safety Data Sheet found here:

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