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Canfield Solder Mate II Flux

Canfield Solder Mate II Flux


Solder-Mate® Eleven is a water based inorganic-acid flux highly active liquid flux formulated to provide rapid cleaning, quick action and excellent wetting of solder with a minimum of residue. It is a chloride type flux excellent for use with all soft solders for production and repair work on copper, steel, brass, lead, plated and coated metals. It is excellent for work with soldering irons and small torches where high temperatures and long exposure to heat require a tough flux.

Solder-Mate® Eleven can be diluted further with water for clean work and to further reduce residues. It has a very low surface tension for rapid wetting.

This flux is corrosive and should be handled with care. If it is allowed to stand a few minutes it absorbs moisture from the air and softens. It may then be washed off with water, hot water or steam.

Precautions should be taken when working with all chemical products.

This product does not contain acid.


Product Data Safety sheet can be found here: 

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